Adilies Limited

Solar Cold Storage Hubs

And Tricycle-mounted Solar Fridges (TMSFs)

Our tricycle-mounted solar fridges create a platform for sustainable livelihoods and economic development.

The tricycle-mounted solar fridges are empowering young entrepreneurs in the Kakuma and Kalobeyei refugee camps. This innovation provides these entrepreneurs with crucial cold storage facilities, facilitating the last-mile distribution of fish directly to consumers within the refugee camps. Our partnership with the Beginning the Group enables us to establish market linkages, ensuring that the fish cuts reach markets that may have otherwise been inaccessible. This not only guarantees a supply of healthy and nutritious food but also contributes to the well-being of the communities in these refugee camps. Adili Solar Hubs is dedicated to fostering impactful innovations and collaborations that address critical needs in vulnerable populations, promoting access to essential resources and enhancing overall community resilience.

Solar and IoT Installations

As part of our vision, we aspire to establish a fully automated processing plant, equipped to monitor key parameters crucial for ensuring seamless operations. By incorporating IoT systems into our plans, we aim to monitor energy production and consumption, as well as real-time temperature tracking for the fish. This comprehensive approach is essential for running a smooth operation and maintaining the quality of our products. With the ability to closely monitor these processes, we can make data-driven decisions, fine-tune operations, and enhance overall efficiency. Adili Solar Hubs is committed to embracing cutting-edge technologies to create a future where our operations are not only efficient but also contribute to sustainable and high-quality outcomes.