Adilies Limited

Who We Are

We are leading the way in sustainable fish farming, empowering communities, and championing environmental stewardship.

Adili Solar Hubs Limited is a social enterprisetransforming African rural communities with sustainable energy.

We are at the forefront of revolutionizing the fisheries industry by integrating sustainable fish farming and processing with renewable energy solutions. Focused on supporting marginalized communities, our initiatives aim to enhance resilience against climate change, providing advanced cold storage and fish processing facilities. By ensuring access to ready markets and solid market linkages, we empower these communities within the blue economy space, facilitating value addition and fostering adaptability to environmental challenges. Join us in our commitment to sustainable development and climate resilience in the fisheries sector.

Fish by Adili

We are unwaveringly committed to developing sustainable fish supply chains through innovative renewable energy solutions.

H2O by Adili

As part of our community engagement initiatives, we customize our water treatment systems to cater to the unique needs of the local communities.

Solar and IoT Installations

As part of our vision, we aspire to establish a fully automated processing plant, equipped to monitor key parameters crucial for ensuring seamless operations.

Our History

Adili Solar Hubs was born out of a profound understanding of the environmental and economic struggles faced by communities in Turkana County.We envision a solution that integrates renewable energy with community development. Established as a result of this vision, Adili reflects a commitment deeply rooted in ethical practices and sustainable progress. 

Since 2020 we have been a pioneering force in establishing sustainable fish supply chains by incorporating renewable energy solutions. We go beyond traditional fish trading and incorporate clean energy solutions in marginalized communities leading to a transformative initiative in the fisheries industry. Through inventive cold chain logistics and strategic collaborations, Adili empowers entrepreneurs, generates employment opportunities, and makes substantial strides in minimizing food waste 

Our journey began with a commitment to addressing critical challenges faced by communities, particularly in Lake Turkana and Lake Victoria regions. Adili Solar Hubs continues to be a beacon of innovation and social impact in rural fishing communities.

Our Vision

Transforming the seafood industry with sustainable practices, community resilience, and climate action.

Our Mission

We develop affordable clean energy solutions to power productive use within Africa

Our Achievement

We amplify our reach and effectiveness by collaborating with local organizations, NGOs, and government bodies.

Our Partners:

Evan Kimani


Aron Woods


David Beasley